The Peace Corps – A Weapon For Global Advantage!

With just three goals in sight, Peace Corps works to make the whole world a better place. The people who enroll in the Peace Corps do so voluntarily. The program is aimed to aid the country in all aspects related to the economic and the social work. Ideally, a Peace Corps volunteer veteran is an American Citizen, characteristically with a college degree. After successful induction, they work abroad for almost 24 months to help regarding any technical issue in their domain, help people understand the American culture and help the Americans understand their culture. Of course, they have to go through three months training.

When you are considering going with the Peace Corps, make sure that you have your priorities straight. The fact that you are heavily dependent on your family and you can’t spend a moment away from them is one of the major factors which decide your volunteering. Before volunteering you should ask yourself “Am I ready to do this”? This way you’ll know about your mental standing. Secondly, you must make it clear in your mind that the whole tenure you spend in another country, is not paid for. I repeat, you will not be paid for spending time abroad, serving your country. You have to be financially strong so that you could be able to survive on your own in another country. For more guidance you can always contact a Peace Corps Veteran, they’ll be better equipped with knowledge to help you understand the essence of the whole operation.

Furthermore, the ideal mindset for going for Peace Corps is that you shouldn’t require anything from anyone in return of helping them. Now this is very essential if you want to have a good time abroad. Making the poor smile, making them happy, it is one of the greatest feelings you can ever accomplish. Moreover, you’ll have to be vigilante enough to help your cause, whatever it requires. Sometimes you’d be required to raise funds, for instance you’ll have to raise funds for a proper irrigation system in a locality or to develop schools for the poor, etc.

So having the right mindset is very crucial for volunteering. If you have anything against any of the factors discussed above then you might have a problem. In short, if you are very patriotic about your country and you want to serve it no matter what. Then Peace Corps is the program for you.

The Korean War

Taking place from June 1950 to July 1953, the Korean War went down in History as one of the side effects of World War II. The war erupted as both the Korean regimes fought against each other, as the Communists toiled to reunite them under their rule.

Korea had been an independent nation since the 7th century. However, certain parts of the country came under the jurisdiction of Japan as a result of the war fought between Japan and China during, 1894 and 1895. As the Second World War subdued, the United States of America took over Korea along with the Soviet Union. Soviet forces occupy the territory north of the 38th parallel, and US forces to the south of it. Following this victory, U.S.A. sought out help from the U.N. to end the existence of the conjugated occupied Korea. It was all a giant event in the cold war battle between the east and the west.

The most prominent effect of this war was the huge number of casualties. As the war raged on, many Koreans lost their lives in an issue, which was theirs to begin with. Building upon this, the war pushed an edge further between the US and the USSR over the issue of communism. Not only that but it pushed animosity between China and the US. As a direct consequence of the resulting effects of communism enacted by the Soviet Union, the US adjudicated into Vietnam to stop another North Korea from coming into existence. Stationing permanently in South Korea, the US troops made sure the South Korea remained under their command. The most permanent and prominent effect of the war is the bifurcation of Korea. Till date we see Korea divided into North and South Korea.

While South Korea is progressing in every domain, North Korea remains an underdeveloped area. Over the past few years South Korea has taken countless steps towards a better economy and getting better technology. However, the nuclear tests conducted by North Korea pose a serious threat to the southern counterpart along with Japan.
Over the course of past few years, many efforts had been made in order to bring these two closer together. Although, it left Korea battered and torn into pieces the war was a necessary show of strength on the US side, that they would do anything to prevent the spread of communism. It also brought China into conflict with the US, bringing hard feelings between the two countries which would last for decades.

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Washington, D.C

Washington, D.C. is privileged to be one of the most famous places of the world which everyone knows about. After all, it is the capital city of a great super power, the United States. The word D.C. formally stands for the District of Columbia, which is not a part of any of the US states because US Constitution has permitted Congress to have it under its exclusive jurisdiction.

In 1791, the city of Washington was founded and was named after the great George Washington. It is situated between Maryland and Virginia, along the north bank of the Potomac River. The federal government of US has the centers of all three of its branches in this District, including Supreme Court, Congress and the President. Congress has the supreme authority over the city although it has been governed by a locally elected mayor and a council of 13 members since 1973. Congress also has the power to overturn local laws here.

The notorious White House is situated in Washington D.C. It is interesting to note that it was George Washington who oversaw its construction but he never lived here. John and Abigail Adams were the first occupants of the stunning presidential mansion but only for four months. During the war of 1812, British troops took hold of Washington D.C. and set the White House on fire along with several other federal and private buildings. First Lady of that time, Dolley Madison, was so in love with the White House that she refused to leave the building until few hours before the British arrived. On her way out she secured George Washington’s full length portrait and a copy of Declaration of Independence.

White House is not the only building in Washington D.C. which attracts tourists from all around the world. One of the earliest tourist destinations in the District is Washington Monument. It is located on the National Mall opposite to the Lincoln Memorial. It is a striking piece of art made from sandstone, granite and marble, as a tribute to the founder of the city. It is the tallest structure in the world which is made from stone and also the largest obelisk.

Washington National Cathedral is another historic building in the city, construction of which took 83 years to be completed. The National Air and Space Museum in Washington is one of the most famous museums of the world. On average, it attracts more than 9 million visitors every year. There are many other such popular tourist sites which make Washington D.C. a very interesting place, besides being one of the most important cities of the world.

Invasion of Panama

The US invasion of Panama (also known as operation Just Cause) has been regarded as one of the most vital and equally the shortest military campaign ever to be piloted by the US military. It began in December 1989, just few weeks after the fall of Berlin Wall, as more than 27,000 US military troops invaded Panama and dominated their 3,000 soldiers, including their entire defense force. AH-64 helicopters were used to rake the small Central American country both in their working class communities and their military bases. After the defeat of the Panama defense forces and their allies, The Panama militia continued the fight but could only be able to hold on for few days.

Cause of the Invasion

There were series of interrelated reasons that were given for the invasion of Panama by the world’s most powerful military force. Then US president, George Bush, explained that the invasion was carried out to oust General Manuel Noriega from the Panama government, a military dictator who bullied American citizens living in the country. Interestingly, Manuel has been working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and has been receiving yearly payroll from the American government prior to the invasion. Some other observers felt the main reason for US invasion of Panama was to further increase their stronghold on the control of the Panama Canal. The United States relied heavily on the Channel the Panama Canal provides for their importation/exportation and other related interests. And it seems relinquishing the control of the canal will affect their foreign relations interest.

The invasion involves the deployment of facilities and personnel from high powered military bases. The decisive maneuver and surgical precision employed by the American troops were said to have reduced the casualties on either sides and minimized what would have been a great destruction of lives and properties of the Panama people. But some observers have another side of the story. In the invasion, the US military firepower was released on the Panama people, killing between 3000 and 6000 people. Most of these dead bodies were buried and dumped in mass graves. Some observers of the invasion believed that the attack was not done in the interest of the Panama people but for the selfish interest of President Bush in a bid to lay a stronghold on the control of the Canal. The US military invasion of one of the smallest nations of the world will forever be remembered as one of the most intriguing and enthralling military invasions in world history.

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